beneficios_02The gloves manufactured by Ladecol S.A., last much longer, are more flexible and ultra resistant to aging, solutions dissolved in acids, and bleaches, because no additional chemicals are added during the process for the purpose of increasing the production and reducing the cost of the latex mixture.


beneficios_03Thanks to their durability, our gloves can spare you the cost of purchasing other products, helping you save time and money. You can see for yourself that Ladecol S.A. products, including the economical line, outlasts by three or more times any other "cheap" glove brand, saving money and time. REMEMBER: You get what you pay for!



The extraordinary softness of the gloves manufactured by Ladecol S.A. is the result of a strict process of washing, satin-finishing and vulcanization. This process also removes most of the proteins and chemical residues that could cause allergies.

Good Grip


The special anti-slipping textured design on the palm and fingertips allows an excellent grip both in wet as well as dry conditions, preventing the objects that are being handled from slipping.



They follow the natural shape of the hands, preventing fatigue when using them on daily household chores and increasing their performance in industrial tasks.



Easy to put on and remove, thanks to the reinforced selvedge on cuffs which, in turn, prevents tearing. Ladecol S.A. gloves do not cause bad odors since they do not contain dust or artificial fragrances.



We provide a warranty for all our manufactured gloves because each pair:

  1. Is tested individually before reaching consumers, avoiding any kind of defect.
  2. Has a unique printed code which allows us to track the product in order to learn all the information about the raw material, the machinery and the staff involved in its production.
  3. Goes through a standard process that allows us to achieve consistent quality.



for over 50 years, Ladecol S.A. gloves have been at the forefront of the national and foreign markets. We have been an exporting company for over 50 years, being acknowledged in Europe and America due to the quality and durability of all our products.

Therefore, when you purchase gloves manufactured by Ladecol S.A., you are being endorsed by a company with over 54 years of experience, while strengthening the national industry and supporting the work of over 150 female head of households. Thank you.


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