Dear Customer,

Please accept our best regards on behalf of our company and our true appreciation for your interest in our gloves. They have been manufactured with low-ammonia natural latex and the highest quality standards; we have received the ISO 9001:2008 certification for the production and trading of industrial rubber gloves, household rubber gloves and latex compounds, issued by ICONTEC and IQNet.

Additionally, we have been granted the SATRA TECHNOLOGY CENTRE U.E. certification for exporting gloves to the European Union.

LADECOL S.A. is a company founded in the city of Bogota in 1956, the creator, owner and sole manufacturer of the industrial glove brands PROTEX and AGUANTE and household glove brands LADY ROSE, TREBOLITO, AURORA, EXPLENDOR BLUE and PROTEX HOGAR.

ICONTEC Nº SC 2734-1


Satra Technology Centre MW & HW

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