Latex Compounds

Latex Compounds


High-quality liquid rubber latex that comes in different thicknesses. LADECOL S.A. has been granted the ISO 9001 certification and IQnet certification for the production and trading of Latex Compounds.

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Ideal for the
preparation of:


Also suitable for:

  • Molds for plaster figures
  • Masks
  • Puppetry
  • Artistic make-up
  • Preventing slips.
  • Sealing wire/cable tips.
  • Protecting tools.
  • Providing waterproofing and resistance against acids, alkaline substances and abrasives.


Latex M4: (3.6 Kg. containers) Latex compound formulated for manufacturing rubber molds to work with plaster, polyester, concrete, wax, etc.

Latex M6: (3.6 Kg. containers and 250 gr. bottles) Apart from the M4 uses, this is also useful to make figures, masks, etc. (It has greater thickness than M4, therefore, it requires a lower number of coatings to achieve the same thickness).

Latex M7: (1 kg) this semi-solid latex, with a doughy appearance, is generally applied with a spatula and dries fast.

Latex M10: (3.6 kg containers) Natural latex without additives.

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