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LADECOL LTDA., was founded on April 7th, 1956 by citizens of English origin, who implemented the techniques for the production of rubber items such as: gloves, pacifiers, mattresses, pillows and cushions.

In 1960, LADECOL registered its PROTEX trademark.

In 1965, the company started exporting to several countries in Latin America and Central America (Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica and El Salvador).

By the 70s, the company ceased to manufacture rubber foam and focused on the production of latex gloves, in order to meet the growing national and foreign market needs.

During the 80s, LADECOL decided to increase the size of its production plant and two automatic machines that manufactured industrial and surgical gloves were imported to that end, allowing the company to increase its production capacity for surgical and medical examination gloves under their renowned brands EXAMTEX, VERITEX and CIRUTEX.

In February 1992, LADECOL LTDA., became a Corporation under the name of "LADECOL S.A.".

Our most valuable asset is our work team, made up mostly of female heads of households who provide their best effort daily in order to manufacture excellent gloves. Products, that have allowed us to be acknowledged as the leading rubber glove manufacturer for decades.

Thanks to the pioneering vision of our executives for continuous product improvement and customer commitment to a top-quality product, LADECOL S.A. has maintained a Quality System certified by ICONTEC and IQnet since 2004. We were also granted the exacting SATRA TECHNOLOGY CENTRE U.E. certification for gloves which are exported to the European Union.

Currently, LADECOL S.A. is primarily devoted to manufacturing gloves for household, semi-industrial and industrial use in their exclusive plant in Colombia. It is equipped with seven modern production lines with specialized machinery and highly-skilled staff in order to offer a product with unbeatable durability, softness and flexibility. This attains the most demanding needs of the industries, agribusinesses, organizations and mass markets in a fast and efficient way, both in Colombia and worldwide, thanks to our 45-year exporting experience in Latin America and Europe.

Our responsibility and commitment to our customers has remained intact through the years and our work team efforts are always aimed at providing you with an excellent product at a competitive price.
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