Social Responsibility

LADECOL is committed to the Environment


Our commitment to sustainability has led our company to minimize the environmental impact caused by our processes. Therefore, we have taken serious steps and adopted a comprehensive approach towards the disposition of chemical waste, pollution prevention and reduction of power and water consumption.

We also use biodegradable bags and reusable eco bags made of non-woven fabric to pack our customers purchases at our stores.


LADECOL is committed to Our Partners


We do our best efforts to help our partners reach their highest potential, because we believe they are the heart that makes us a great company.

We follow the ideal of our founder, Mr. Charles Filmer, who believed in promoting the work of female heads of households. Therefore, 99% of our work force is made up of this valuable group.

LADECOL is committed to our Society


Just as we care about improving our internal operations, we contribute to the general welfare of our society. Over the last two years we have made donations of our glove brands to non-profit organizations for an approximate annual amount of one hundred and sixty million dollars ($160,000,000), contributing to the development and consolidation of programs which support female heads of household, reforestation and recycling.

At LADECOL S.A. we are aware that our growth as a company will continue to as long as our environment becomes as healthy as possible and the social challenges decrease.

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